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[ended] Auction my Ball blaster

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Posted (edited)

Auction my Ball blaster, because I have 2.

Its value is about 110-130 cv.

Accepted Currency

1.Diamonds (5/10/15)


3.Coal (10:1) max of 5

4.Event item : 

  • celebration 100
  • cinnamon and ginger 75
  • gaia's last gift 60
  • npc 100
  • black satin peak 25
  • eternity  25
  • mask of the legends  25
  • greater magicite of wind 95
  • aladdin's wish 45
  • azure peak 25
  • war bonnet 20
  • celebracers 60
  • glacier's demise 60
  • the cavalry 35
  • black magick 25
  • salem 20

The auction is not sure when to end.

Maybe I like some bids very much.

then I will close the auction immediately, Although it is not the highest

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I bid Glaciers Demise, 2 non-cap diamonds, 1 single cap diamond, and 10 cubes

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