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[ENDED] [WTA] triple cap diamond, ++ arrmor/weapons and events

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Looking for offers on these items, Auction will go untill 20/06/2019, if I don't like a offer, I reserve the right to decline.

Anti sniping rules: Bids during the last 24 hours will extend it by another 24 hours (not the entire auction, but that specific item).

For ratios, Coals are 10:1, diamonds are 5/10/15.

From now on any bids to overtake the C/O on the triple cap diamond, has to be at least 5cv higher.



No B/Os


Triple cap Diamond C/O 47 CV Sneez   

+Elder staff C/O 5cv Garzhod     

++ Genie C/O

+ Chain vest C/O 2cv Spidermane

++ Pristine helmet C/O

++ Crescent C/O 2cv Deego

++ Scepter C/O

+Scepter C/O 3CV Sneeze

++ Blaster C/O

++Chain boots C/O 2cv Spidermane

++ Mail chest C/O 15cv Hans Joachim

+ Pristine helmet C/O 2cv Melkor

+ Pristine gloves C/O

+ Mail boots 387 ups C/O

+ Mail boots 440 ups C/O 7cv manyu

The devil's poolskimmer C/O 12cv deego

Maelstrom C/O 10cv Hans Joachim

I prefer events I actually have use for. Any events I already have, don't need and cosmetics will be valued lower.


If you have any questions, Pm me on discord:  Sybreed #3553



poolskimmer is the only  one still being auctioned. I will contact the winners off the other items when I get home

Items with a striketrough, I'll be holding onto.





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45cv diamond

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mail tower 440 boots, 5cv

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Added the ember scept pic of the +, new item in the album! Totally didn't add it 5 days after sybreed asked, most certainly timely. Free bump of shame.

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