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Locking items on your hero

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So I think some of us have been in this situation before.. then again, maybe it's just me XD

When you're clearing out and selling stuff from your inventory, you'll sometimes accidentally equip a random, sometimes cruddy piece of armour to one of your heroes. Then, if  you're like me, you don't notice until.. maybe a couple maps or more later or even the next day you play. -_-

What follows is usually a very brief moment of panic and then relief as you realise your prize armour peice is safely sitting in your bag, thankfully with a lock on it. 

I don't know if this issue is only limited to people who use controllors, or just to myself.. but as well as a sell 'lock', what if we had the abilty to lock armours and weapons to your hero also to prevent them being accidentally swapped? 

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