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[ENDED] WTA Ultimate++ Chain Helmet

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Auction Item



Accepted Currency

  • Diamonds (5/10/15)
  • Cubes
  • Coal 8:1
  • Post event bids in thread for Cory to review or PM him on the below links to check what events he accepts and at what prices

Auction Details


Current Offer

55CV - Bonny

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15 hours ago, Hans Joachim (NOR) said:

What do you value Alpha and Gamma separately?

Unfortunately Cory does not want to accept either. Feel free to message him directly for faster details on the events, I am just a proxy for his voice. 

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Hello guys, I'm on here now. You can ask me directly on here or on steam or on discord. Steam or discord are fastest as they go directly to my phone.

It's probably best to offer Coal/Cube/Diamonds. I'm going to try to get a lot of ult gear for multiple characters so it helps being able to trade coal for them.

I'm not really into the collector event items that will sit in tavern (yet). More useful stuff.

Here are some things I like looking over event item list, though I'm not sure whats in price range really, its so subjective.

  • Waterfall
  • Mask of Legends (possibly)
  • Devils Pool Skimmer
  • Ploutonion
  • Rockshatter
  • Celebration or New Patch Celebration
  • Greater Magicite of Wind
  • Vortex Hammer
  • Vortex Shield
  • Deathwish?
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