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Game keeps freezing every now and then.

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i really hope i can get some help. whenever i launch the game it starts in a low resolution in windowed mode (and i have to change the settings every time i launch it.)

then when i finally get in the game whilst freezing for multiple seconds on loading screens and taking ages. whenever im playing every like i'd say 30 seconds to 1 minute the game just freezes on me for like 5 seconds long! its not playable like this and i cant find anyone else with the same problem. ive reinstalled the game and everything. i downloaded newest drivers and it didnt help. every time i change one little setting even if its just volume when i click apply it takes over 5-10 seconds to go back to the game after clicking apply. everything makes it freeze for a bit and yeah its just unplayable.



aorus nvidia RTX 2080

intel i7 9700k

aorus z390 master motherboard.

gskill trident rgb 16gb ram.

samsung nvme m.2 ssd


you would say with these specs this game wouldnt have a problem at all but yeah.......


thanks for the help already i really hope people know why this is happening and are able to help! thanks!

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Is the game installed on the SSD or is it on a standard HDD? I had similar issues when it was on a normal HDD but after moving it to the SSD my freeze issues stopped happening. Theres a program called SteamMover that makes moving steam apps to other drives/directories very simple if you need to move it.
In regards to the loading screens, the more items you have in your main inventory the longer the game takes to load. 

If neither of these apply then I can't help, maybe someone else can respond with a better 'solution'.

On a side note, check the options from the main menu and make sure you're joining the 'nearest' server region to you because obviously lag can play a part in problems like this.

GL getting it fixed.

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