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Hack / Mod or just stupid me?

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First of all, I know most forums don't accept blaming & shaming modders/hackers etc. I'm just curious whether or not this player uses those and in any case, I can't even name this player because he/she doesn't even have a username!

I'm currently in a lobby where the host is very strange:

Usually I'm not the kind of guy who would call for hacks but this host only used a lvl 74 Countess for builds on Insane Deeper Well and wouldn't let other players build. Since I'm a lvl 88 mostly-builder monk I'd think my auras are pretty good and would be sufficient for Deeper Well on insane... But this player wouldn't let me do so and would fill the map with harpoons (generally good defences) and blockades.

Normally I wouldn't suspect such a player of hacking but simply toxic behavior and wouldn't make a forum post if I didn't see his/her stat:

 - OP item: 1500+ stats on "Godly Natural Vambraces"
 - 300K weapon usable by a 74 character (so max Mythical) with a +864 tower strength stat (with only 50K mana value for some reason)

- Other gear is poop at best (generic bad epic/legendary gear)

 - No Steam username (?????)

So we've got an anonymous player with OP gear doing some insane Deeper Well with only, strictly his/her Countess builds in a way mostly new players do.

I'd think players this level would use more "meta" builds such as the monk's auras;

I'd think players with these stats would play some NM/HC;
I'd think players this level with these stats would know enough of the game to let some good builder help them;

I'd think even great items would respect the cap on stats;
I'd think players would have a username at all,

But no.

I attached some screenshots of this player's character in question.





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Very obvious hack


Also the username is probably because he put a blank character like alt+255 (which the game supports) for steam username so the game can't show it.

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