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Talk about farming & afking in DD2

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I've had dislikes towards the bugs DD2 has, but as far as progression, I've enjoyed DD2 very much (excluding lack of end game content). After hearing so many complaints about farming and afk for DD2, I had some thoughts. Couple questions may clear out why people can have almost opposite opinions abt the game.

Why do we (not) do afk-farm? why don't we choose to beat with strategy? why do we complain the game is afk-ez-level after we chose to farm to get OP item instead of challenging ourselves? or complain it's afk-ez-level while we chose to play those ez levels?

All below and above just my speculation on what the devs could be thinking during developing, and do not apply to all or maybe even more than half dd2 players, but only the handful I've seen & heard.

We were never meant to do those excessive farming. We were meant to use the limited shards and low-quality mods we have, to play challenging content as we progress. Using what we gain along the way and keep continuing. When we hit the cap limited by raw power due to lack of shards, better mods, ascension etc, we choose to AP reset, and while doing those resets, we gain more shards, tokens to reroll better mods, and we gain min asc to raise our power. And gain more gear, mods, shards, as we progress again.

Even while doing resets, we were not "supposed to" use items out of our reach to progress, but to do it naturally. Yet, we complain the amount of gold/mat we need to farm for, in order to blast through AP, and complain it's not challenging when we choose to take the afk-farm-and-afk-play route, after making the decisions ourselves.

For overall progression, we choose to farm for excessive number of hours, farm for the "Gild", for the "Green-Quality or even 10/10 MODs", for the item required at f500+ while at f100. After complaining abt the unnecessary hours of farming to acquire powerful items, we complain again abt how easy and afkable it is between f100-f500, while we were the ones deciding to go farm and then do it with easy-mode, instead of kept playing with what we had and kept the challenge on.


This is not to say there is a single right way to progress, or discourage any way to progress, but to remind us, that as players we take full responsibility of our own decisions. I don’t think anyone went push for floor 100+ w/o preparation after playing only one map of c7, and did it full afk w/o breaking a sweat. Now, whether we choose to progress naturally to get there, or to farm afk-content to afk-get there, it’s our free choice to make.

If we farmed, don’t complain abt afk, cuz we intentionally avoided the challenges and chose to do afk-content first to make “upcoming-challenges” afkable ; If we never farmed at all, don’t complain the game is too hard cuz we put in zero effort in leveling ourselves up.


(just in case these arguments come up later, I’ll bring all possibilities out now)

U did everything afk from c7 to f100 w/o any farming at all? Congrats, I now agree w/ u, and this is a game that’s below your level.

U think u can do it afk, but don’t have the time to get to f100? It takes 8 min a map if it’s afk, I really don’t think 10 hours (c7 - f100) for a game is too much. It’ll feel very accomplished, and I highly recommend u try it if u’ve been afking and think everything is too easy.

U farmed a lot, but still can’t afk? (assuming u want to) either farm more/harder, or get on the technical side of it, most time ppl underestimate placement and overestimate raw power. 

Farming, Afk, Engagement are all healthy. So is switching among all three. As long as we make the choice, and we accept what’s coming.

Disclaimer: This doesn’t apply to all, and maybe only a small percentage of people that I've seen. Especially not to (extreme) end-game players. 

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just realized how long I wrote. TL DR version below

There's clearly something wrong when some ppl think the game is way afkably easy and no challenging content; and some ppl think the game is too hard and they have to farm crazy in order to progress. 

Seeing DD2 should have same difficulty level across different computers/consoles, Mayb the 2 end of people complaining, can have a discussion together, and both benefit and find the approach they enjoy the most. 

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Too long to read , you could simplify it afk is overrated thier is no such thing in onslaught maybe in ch floor but onslaught naah 

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