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[WTS] some ult/ult+ armor ( need coal )

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It's not an auction

my steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198817920506/

1.372 pristine 20coal 

2.348 plate 15coal

3.373 plate 24coal

4.362 plate 8coal

5.375 pri 15coal

6.412 mail 15coal

7.367 mail 2cv   Looking

8.404 mail 15coal

9.379 mail 1cv chrriis

10.308 mail 8coal

11.chicken buyout 16coal

12.u+crystal gun buyout 15coal


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7 hours ago, Sybreed said:

I'd love nr 8 the 404 mail hood. Hmu on discord

You can + my steam

I won't use discord,sorry

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