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Kickstarter Backers: Shipping Cost

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We've received feedback regarding our shipping costs for international shipping. We have two solutions available to us, so that's what we're providing to you:

Option 1: Pay the shipping fee and receive the physical goods.

Option 2: Pay the shipping fee, and in the address put "I do not want the physical goods" and we will refund you the shipping cost.

This shipping cost step cannot be skipped, we've worked with support on if there was an option to have this step skipped, and unfortunately there is not. It's incredibly unfortunate, and we did not know this is what would happen. It was to our understanding that this was the route that most go. If there are any additional issues with your survey or order, please submit a support ticket to BackerKit and we will work with them to get everything taken care of (if you've paid and do not want the physical goods, please submit a ticket).

We're incredibly sorry for any headache this has caused.

Chromatic Games

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