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I'm very excited for the glorious return of an amazing game. As much as I love Dungeon Defenders 1 (DD1) there are some issues about the game I would like to address before Dungeon Defenders Awakened (DDA) releases. Starting with...


Loot. An important progressional mechanic to the game, it's one of the many features that make the game fun (at least to me). Loot can be unique, and rolling for good enough stats can be a minor challenge. There are some problems however that I think requires tuning for DDA.


How will split screen handle loot?

This is one of my concerns for grinding map rewards. In DD1, you can get up to four sets of rewards depending on how many controllers you have connected and enabled. With four player split screen, you can grind maps four-times faster than playing the game normally because you're getting more loot than normal. Because of this, players will be more likely to grind solo rather than play with friends or random players because they won't be grinding as efficiently.

My fix for this is to handle how loot is rewarded to players. Instead of rewarding the player, reward the account, with four-times the loot. regardless of how many players are connected via split screen, you will always be rewarded the same amount of loot if you were playing solo because you're all playing off the same account. If you play with friends online, everyone will get the same amount of loot and there will be no loot incentive to grind solo.


Will there be loot incentives for Pure Strategy?

Pure Strategy didn't offer quite as much incentive as Hardcore + Mix Mode, and because of that no one played it. Will Pure Strategy make a return in DDA or will it be perished?

If it does make a return, I think some changes should be made to the mode itself to make it more fun to play, as well as a loot incentive that isn't too overpowered. I think having unique pet rewards at wave 15 is enough to give it the push it needs to be relevant, with loot drops as good as Hardcore / Mix Mode.


Will event items make a return?

This is a potential "break" for the game to me, so I'm a little concerned. In DD1, there are events where players can participate to receive unique rewards where you normally can't find in the game itself. However, some of these items are overpowered and you can't find better variations of these event items through normal play. This breaks the game to me and ruins the charm of looting for better gear.

If events will take place in DDA similar to how the Community Development Team (CDT) handled them in DD1, don't overdo their potential and make it so farming for a better variant of the event item is possible. They should be treated as souvenirs for participating in the event. 



Gameplay. General game play and hero questions, and some game play elements from Dungeon Defenders 2 (DD2) that I love that I think can benefit DDA a hell of a lot. I'm just not entirely sure how it will work with a game like DD1 since both game have different play styles.


How will playable heroes be handled and how will leveling up work?

Leveling in DD1 is a huge pain in the ass in the beginning because you have to level about four heroes to a certain level before you can attack some of the harder maps that require diverse towers, and you may also need a hero with good hero stats for the boss. It's not the trouble of leveling each hero, but the amount of time it takes to actually gain the levels. In DD2, you have a deck system where you can set it up with the heroes you want to use for the map you're about to play. However, you are restricted to those four heroes until you leave the map. The upside to the deck is that regardless of who you are playing, everyone will gain experience, so there's no need to backtrack to grind exp for your other heroes. I would love something like this in DDA, but because DD1 has a ton of strategic tower heroes and pure DPS heroes, having the penalty to only bring four heroes into the map will suck in endgame because you will need static towers, auras, traps, EV beams, minion walls, and a pure DPS, and that requires a total of six heroes minimum. Leveling late/endgame isn't too bad because there are certain maps that offer a ton of exp, and with the power of split screen you can level up four heroes at the same time, which is another problem when it comes to doing things in solo.

The deck system with increased hero capacity (of at least 12) could work, but it might be better to share the exp with every available hero in your disposal, maybe with a 50% exp penalty so there's incentive to play a certain hero you want to level up.


Can we open the forge from anywhere?

Running around the map 4-5 times to build can get annoying quick. DD2 can open the forge from anywhere, it did it well, and it's something DDA will benefit from greatly.


How hard will the Lightning Towers be nerfed, if not removed?

Lightning Tower (LT) is the most powerful tower in DD1 due to how many mobs it can latch onto and how much damage it can output to multiple Ogres all over the map. Clearly this is a tower that will get smashed by the nerf hammer, but what will they do? I don't have a suggestion for this but I'm keen to see what they do with it. If the LT gets replaced by another tower then so be it.


Will tower stacking be patched?

This is a big deal in DD1 as many popular builds require the use of stacking LTs inside of each other, and because it's a stack you can buff every tower with a single 4DU (Defense Unit) Buff Beam. You can save lots of DUs by strategically placing your towers on a narrow path to decrease the DU amount used on walls, protection, and support for your LTs. Although you can stack almost any static tower in the game, you can not stack traps or auras of the same type. Tower stacking should be patched out of DDA due to how powerful it can be in terms of DU and cramming towers in a single sweet spot, and it's rather silly to look at.


Will the Summoner be treated like it did in Dungeon Defenders Eternity?

To be completely honest, I didn't get to play much DDE because the game practically died immediately after the whole Playverse drama, but I do remember the Summoner getting its Minion Units removed in return for more minion potential. If that's the route the developers are going to go for, that's fine by me. I wasn't the biggest fan of setting up minions and making sure they're aligned right with each other and the mage, but having walls that auto heal is very nice.


Will there be buffs to weaker towers?

There are a lot of towers that are never used due to how under performing they are, such as the Magic Missile Tower, half of EV's arsenal, and most of Squire's towers. I'm bringing this up because I'm expecting some good changes or additions to these towers that I'd love to see used in future builds. Here's a buff for example; how good would the Magic Missile Tower be if the missiles homed in on mobs? Endgame DD1, a MMT with a huge attack rate and range can fire 100 shots in 3 seconds, but only 5% of those projectiles will land because mobs move very quickly and slow down when they turn, thus giving the tower trouble predicting where the enemy will be. Missiles actually landing will reflect the accuracy of the DPS the tower can dish out and increase its utility for flying mobs.



I hope some of these questions and suggestions are looked over before the release of Dungeon Defenders Awakened. I have high hopes for this game and can't wait to relive the 2011 days of Dungeon Defenders on Steam. Thanks for reading.



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I agree with most of your suggestions. I too hope they patch stacking towers as this was certainly not intended when they created DD1. As for lightning towers they could reduce the amount of mobs they could target. I wouldnt want them back to where they were before the buff when they were next to useless.

Pure strategy would be good if it at least gave loot at the difficulty they are being run on (same with pets) the nerf on drops in pure strategy is just ridiculous.

from what I remember during a twitch stream Mark(lead designer) had said he is looking to have an Ui that will allow most of the forge actions from anywhere similar to DD2.

Leveling heroes in DD1 was the most boring thing ever, in DD2 all heroes gain XP at the same rate whether equipped for hotswapping or not. I wouldnt mind a as you suggested non-active heroes gaining xp slower, but I am hoping more similar to DD2. They also mentioned looking into letting all heroes carry the same amount of building mana, I sure hope this happens. Swapping from one hero to another was frustrating if it couldnt carry the same amount.

I feel from what has been mentioned most of the QOL changes DD2 made will prolly make it into DDA, plus some others. It should be some sort of complete mix of DD1 + DD2 with a few new things thrown in.

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