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Elemental Combos (mega?) thread

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Yo defenders, for noobs like me, it would be great to consolidate the tips, tricks, and other diverse information on elemental combos here on the forums. (Apologies if this has been attempted elsewhere already - e.g. https://dungeondefenders2.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Elements).

Elements (Effects)

  • Water (Drenched): direct damage.
    • Defense Sources: Water Servo (relic mod), Water Shard (C8 relic shard), Geyser (huntress), Angry Nimbus (dryad)
    • Hero Sources: Water Chip [?] (weapon mod), Drenching Strikes (weapon shard).
  • Fire: direct damage.
    • Defense Sources: Fire Servo (relic mod), Defense-specific Shards (e.g. Burning Bolts), Flame Aura (monk), Fissures (lavamancer), Blaze Balloon (huntress), Flamethrower (apprentice)
    • Hero Sources: Fire Chip (weapon mod), Burning Strikes (weapon shard), Piercing Shot (huntress ability).
  • Earth: direct damage.
    • Defense Sources: Earth Servo (relic mod), Earthshatter (apprentice)
    • Hero Sources: Earth Chip (weapon mod), Seismic Slam (squire ability).
  • Poison (Poisoned): DoT effect.
    • Defense Sources: Poison Servo (relic mod), PDT (huntress).
    • Hero Sources: Poison Chip (weapon mod), Dryad Melee (dryad).
  • Storm: direct damage.
    • Defense Sources: Storm Servo (relic mod), LSA (monk), Weapon Mfr with Shocking Revelation (ev2), Proton [?] (ev2), Angry Nimbus (dryad corrupt form).
    • Hero Sources: Storm Chip (weapon mod), Thundering Strikes (weapon shard).
  • Oil (Oiled): no damage, slows the enemy.
    • Defense Sources: Oil Geyser (lavamancer), Slime Pit (dryad corrupt form)
    • Hero Sources: Oil Chip (weapon mod), Oil Flask (huntress ability).
  • Freeze (Frozen): no damage, stuns the enemy and increases earth damage taken by 10%.
    • Defense Sources: Frostbite with Freeze Shard (apprentice), Glacier Shard (adept)
    • Hero Sources: Drakenlord's Soul (weapon mod), Ice Needle (gunwitch ability).
  • Physical [more a lack of element ...]: direct damage.
    • Defense Sources: Cannonball (squire), Ballista (squire), Bees (dryad), Harpy (dryad), Skeleton Archer (abyss lord), Explosive Trap (huntress)
    • Hero Sources: Primary/Secondary Attacks.

Combos: (Effect) + Element

  • Ignite: (Oiled) + Fire
    Puts a DoT burning effect that does very small amounts of damage.
    Also disables the Drakenlords shield.
  • Shock: (Drenched) + Storm
    Stuns the enemy for a short time.
  • Petrify: (Poisoned) + Earth
    Stuns the enemy for a short time and increases the damage it takes by 5% (all sources?).
    Also disables the Drakenlords shield (needs confirmation).



  • PDT + Earthshatter works well for petrify, albeit less useful without taunts.
    • Explosive Poison on PDT helps spread poison.
    • Shatterquake on Earthshatter helps aoe Earth.
  • Water Shard (C8) + Weapons Mfr (with Shocking Revelation) works well for Shock.
    • Can also add Ramster with Water servo for ground lanes to provide (Drenched).
    • Can also add Skyguard with Water servo for air lanes to provide (Drenched).
  • PDT is very useful for countering Controlled Burn modifiers on Onslaught lanes.
  • Skyguard with Water servo is very useful for countering Controlled Burn modifiers on Onslaught lanes.
    • The shock combo also helps.
  • You generally want to avoid the Ignite combo, as the fire DoT is worse than the Oil slow.


Please lemme know if there're any mistakes or add your tips!

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You can use Hero shards for cause Earth daamge like Quake, then you can use petrify Quake + Poison Chip 

Ypu can use Pet Elemental Atack.

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What about the shatter combo? that still in game? freeze + crushing dmg? also i think you missed crushing dmg..

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