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Paloverde zfogshooterz

My full thoughts with the weapons.

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This thread will be what my full thoughts and feedback (and also suggestions) about the new and returning weapons from the Defender-Centric update. I wanted to make this sooner, but got kinda busy.

So yeah, let's get to it!

Well, collecting the weapons was sorta nice, I'm glad that some of the legacy weapons are returning. However, the way it's distributed and executed is kinda...


Disappointing in some way to me as a weapons collector.

Personally, I find most of the new weapons not looking very legendary. Tomes like The Dictionary, The Notepad, The Plumber, or Featherweight etc looks like they belong in lower tiers like powerful or sturdy. The Protean, Prestigious, Seaworthy, and Drakenfrost weapons were amazing, most of what comes next aside from the returning legacy weapons was a major downgrade there.

The next factor would be the tier gating of weapons looking more epic the higher the tier is isn't really much either. I'll admit that the third tier looks quite good, but as for the second and first, there's hardly any difference. Also with higher tiers also giving weapons from the previous tiers, you can hardly even see the difference which I'll have to say, it isn't quite fun.

The third factor of my disappointment was that I was hoping that some of the legacy weapons be saved for futures content however, they just went in to the gifts.

And the fourth factor was that "Mananode's" gifts were literally the texture same as Winterfest's Whimsical Presents. I was expecting that the gifts would look "Ancient-y" However, I can't blame that as most of the manpower went into DDA but that's still a letdown.

So, I have a suggestion and also two alternate routes of my suggestion, I'll get right to it - 

The main part of the suggestion would be reclassify these weapons, which should be alright as there's the evolve system- 

k1GgB9C.png The Notepad - Sturdy (As it pales in comparison with the Necronomicon)

LY18fHU.png The Dictionary - Powerful (As it pales in comparison with the Necronomicon)

vycrhU9.png Featherweight  - Sturdy

boUn8u0.png The Plumber - Powerful

Bt7cjhj.png Golden Gargoyle - Mythical

u24txaC.png Dragon's Gaze - Mythical                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (That bow looks more like a plexus-fied version of the Dragon's Visage which is dope. However, it pales in comparison with Protean and Prestigious for example. And since the plexus costumes is mythical in rarity, it's also fitting that this bow is too.)

DYtbFks.png Dream Protector - Stay Legendary (But I would remove the locked oil chip, frankly, the sword would look way better without that.)

As for the rest of the weapons here's the first alternate route after the above suggestion - 

(1) Here's how I would re-categorize the gift tiers with most of above weapons reclassified - 


snM9lGi.jpg Mananode's Amazing Gift - This tier awards party-ish and goofy (but still legendary looking) weapons.

ioQvnde.jpg Mananode's Spoils of War - This tier awards dark and enemy-based weapons.

WE70guz.jpg Mananode's Ancient Offering - This tier awards prestigious, ancient and elemental styled weapons. (Which is why I'd suggest putting in ManaAxe and Fury of the Angel too)

And also to avoid the RNG problem (partially), each type present do not give a weapon from the previous tier but instead, higher floors victory chest has a chance to drop either type of presents. Of course the guaranteed schedules stays the same.

(2) As for the second alternate route of the suggestion which I actually prefer more.

It still follows most of first alternate route but the current gift system will only be temporary and will change to what below as/ if more content arrives...

  • Onslaught only awards Mananode's Ancient Offering.
  • Amazing Gifts can only be obtained though the Dragonfall Carnival
  • Spoils of War can only be obtainable through a new gamemode or difficulty that's not chaos (Nightmare and Annihilation for example if they actually arrive).

The goal of this was to try to make the weapon drop table as thematic as possible instead of being completely random and unthematic.

So yeah, that's my thoughts, feedback and suggestions regarding the gifts and weapons of The Defender-Centric update. I'm not expecting the suggestions to be a reality but it would be awesome if it is. As a weapons collector, the irregularities does quite bother me, I have to admit. This recent update is still awesome, I'm still looking forward to messing with the vendors but it's just this part of the update that just doesn't feel right.

Cheers then!

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I actually really enjoyed that this new batch of weapons was more light hearted and on the fun side, design-wise at least.

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Yeah, they do look quite good indeed (well most of them). That's kinda why I'd also like them to be grouped as such - Fun Party weapons! And even better if they came from a fun party like Dragonfall Carnival. As they seem out of place with "visually legendary" weapons like Spider's Fangs, Jurassic Revenge or even Harbinger's Voidreaver.

But now that I've added the new weapons to the Sword, Magic Staff, Bow and Shield Section of the wiki, they actually look not too bad there. They looks pretty fine with the other weapons. Though I'm still irked with the pillow being legendary....

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My only disappointment was not a single gunbroom or canister. But saying that is still crazy as I have no intention of giving up the absolute zero for a long time. ;)

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I think I got a more refined version of this suggestion. As I'm grown quite fond of this image now :) -


So here's the new iteration roster -


As usual, it's still Mananode's Gift, Mananode's Amazing Gift and Mananode's Special Gift. I'd still love the icon to be something like this - WE70guz.jpg


  • I'd remove the Notepad, The Dictionary, The Plumber and Featherweight to other rarity.
  • I'd still remove the locked oil chip form Dream Protector.
  • I think it would be better if the Harbinger weapons be saved as rewards for the actual endgame mode if there are to be one.
  • I'd move the Sword of the Unholy Fire as loot chest drop for the Unholy Catacombs, to match its theme.
  • I'd move Spider's Fangs as loot chest drop with poison mods in The Dead Road and Temple of the Necrotic to match its theme. 
  • And I think the Honey Comber and Golden Gargoyle could be good springboards for great dragonfall carnival rewards. (Idea details will be at another thread.)

So yeah, again, not expecting this suggestion to come true but it would be very awesome if it did! It's just my OCD working as a weapons collector :)

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