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I am not the first person with this idea, and honestly I think it should have been acted on ages ago. (also not sure if CG has said anything regarding this so feel free to add or criticise as you see fit)


The suggestion: Make it a % reduction on the debuff effect and not the debuff timer


Intended interactions:

- Emps make defenses deal 100 - x%  less damage (not stackable by multiple emps)

- Frost orc aura slows down attack rate by 100 - x% of however much it is slowed down now

- Cursi-kaze reduces range and damage by 100 - x% of however much it is reduced now


I see at least two reasons as to why this would benefit the game:

1. To make all types of tenacity (not just 100%) viable, so that its more balanced compared to piercing servo

2. To ease the onslaught grind in the earlier floors by leaving more easy options against frost orcs, espesially now with the c8 shards and new weapons, in addition to just the reset process, we have so much incentive to play onslaught, and I think this would be a great relief for everyone and make the grind more exciting over time


note: i think three anti-mods is better for higher floors, so i dont see this really affecting the balance of higher onslaught

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This would  hange the Cybork attack from Disable to a Curse... Disable is a binary attack, so you cannot % it in effect, only duration. 

I agree tho. Hate Cyborks and would love to see them revamped.

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