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How do you like the defender-centric update?

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I've gone through 2 updates for DD2, and every update has never disappointed. TE/CG always manage to do a great job answering players' prayers and wishes. On top of that, they give us great content to have fun. 

Unreasonably brainless-pure-rng MOD drop was answered with reroll token. 

Boring temple was answered with a new refreshing map (although half/half on player feedback, they did listen and work hard to impress)


Elemental combo's amazing! Electrocute, Freeze, PETRIFY, so much fun and many many possibilities to build. 

Mat Conversion: No more low-tier grind to level up everything after we done with all our AP, now we can convert those thousands of pristine motes, we earn during AP, into plain/shiny, and upgrade away. This feature can really benefit a big portion of the community who are planning to, going through, or just finishing up APs. 

Shard: 1000 DM per shard. This is the best feature of this update to say the least. Not for extreme-end-game players, but at least 90%+ players. No more farming required, after buying one or two heroes you desire, you are good to go for all progress! This feature will speed up new players progress by a whole lot. 


Lastly, C8: I find this.... amusing/misinterpreted/confusing ? can't find the word...  Feed back below (not a complaint, just a thought, throwing it out there)

The items that need to be more obtainable for c8 wasn't the amp part, but the material part. It was the absurd # of 250 clusters to upgrade one relic. You could always see people asking to buy pristine clusters everywhere, but barely people asking to buy c8, because the supply/demand between those 2 were so off. Some same notes if you happened to watch some streamers after update, and/or discord, people kinda got confused the material part didn't get change, but the amp part. 

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the new update is just out of this world,but the shard feature 1k DM and the mat converter it's just  amazing !

I can now focus onslaught and chaos 7 without even worry about going to grind low level . I can also trade gems/DM  for the shards I want !

In a month farming I can make 3 gilded shards! The grinding  time is totally reduced which will improve player's gameplay ,even more for Veteran players .

Not to talk about the Combo,poison + earth !

I can finally make a big use of my Earth servo !

So many new possibilities: Proton Beam,PDT,Ramsters etc !

Thank you so much for  that great update,I'm on the moon right now !

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