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Contest!!! City in the Cliffs Edition

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Thanks to everyone that entered! I will be looking at it tonight after work and will roll for items. 

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Giveaway Results ( I added a bunch of items)


Add me on steam to receive your item

City In the Cliffs Giveaway  
Person and time Item
jaymuz waterfall
dualclass crimson
Hemech 32:15  
G_cracka88 22:17  
Switchy 20:10  
Kawaiineko 18:00 amazeing vision
Hougenie 17:01  
Venatus 15:56 glacier
Marsor 15:19  
youni 14:45 marid
Bacta 14:36  
Smiley 14:13 spearmint
Mookel 13:28  
Kacautu 12:58 waterfall
GrobCheese 12:44  
Sneeze 11:02  
Bloodykox 11:01 gaias
redkirby 10:37  
Anubis 10:23 queen georgia
Chriiis 10:19  
jdn 10:03  
flapsi1 9:33 sapphire
Sybreed 9:29 pumpkin staff
jeff 9:25 boneyard blade
bryndo 9:19 waterfall
mxmxmx 9:03 terras brooch
Mailman Gus 8:53 eternity
juba 8:48 ygk
Garz 8:46 admiral dijinn
<<<Top Ten>>>
Bonny 8:12 jasons mask
Manyu 7:58 salem
Uncrowned Data 7:54 queen georgia
Senjin 7:45 gaias
Mix159 7:45 vortex shield
Sir John 7:31 Dragon of the North
LovelyLena 6:30 Celebracers
Billy 6:28 Glacier
Escev 6:12 Armguard of Poison
DoDo 6:11 Captain Isom
Edited by ItsUber

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