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Contest!!! City in the Cliffs Edition

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Thanks for the entries guys! This is great keep em coming. Also dont be afraid to enter without using the competitive rules!! If a lot of people enter more items may 'magically' appear \o/

Hello All, It is in fact, time for a contest. Please read the entire post especially if you want to be competitive Rules Up for grabs will be at least 16 event items, some of which are

ty for the giveaway https://steamcommunity.com/id/phildodo/ https://imgur.com/a/E0ZYzSg lets see who can beat this :D  

Posted Images

Thanks to everyone that entered! I will be looking at it tonight after work and will roll for items. 

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Giveaway Results ( I added a bunch of items)


Add me on steam to receive your item

City In the Cliffs Giveaway  
Person and time Item
jaymuz waterfall
dualclass crimson
Hemech 32:15  
G_cracka88 22:17  
Switchy 20:10  
Kawaiineko 18:00 amazeing vision
Hougenie 17:01  
Venatus 15:56 glacier
Marsor 15:19  
youni 14:45 marid
Bacta 14:36  
Smiley 14:13 spearmint
Mookel 13:28  
Kacautu 12:58 waterfall
GrobCheese 12:44  
Sneeze 11:02  
Bloodykox 11:01 gaias
redkirby 10:37  
Anubis 10:23 queen georgia
Chriiis 10:19  
jdn 10:03  
flapsi1 9:33 sapphire
Sybreed 9:29 pumpkin staff
jeff 9:25 boneyard blade
bryndo 9:19 waterfall
mxmxmx 9:03 terras brooch
Mailman Gus 8:53 eternity
juba 8:48 ygk
Garz 8:46 admiral dijinn
<<<Top Ten>>>
Bonny 8:12 jasons mask
Manyu 7:58 salem
Uncrowned Data 7:54 queen georgia
Senjin 7:45 gaias
Mix159 7:45 vortex shield
Sir John 7:31 Dragon of the North
LovelyLena 6:30 Celebracers
Billy 6:28 Glacier
Escev 6:12 Armguard of Poison
DoDo 6:11 Captain Isom
Edited by ItsUber

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