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Feature Request / Idea: Player Profiles for a clean slate

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Hi All,

This DDA hype train has got me in the mood to play dungeon defenders 1 again.  I installed the game to come back to my billions of mana, high level and geared characters. It felt wrong picking up from that point as I pretty much have done all the content so I started again.

This lead to quite a strenuous process where I had to delete all my characters, sold all my items and dumbed the mana somewhere I couldn't get it. Apart from this being quite long to do, I still had all my character achievements and maps unlocked, which made it not satisfying to run through the game again.  Speaking to some people that have done the same has felt similar.

To me, and what seems like many others. Dungeon defenders have some great replayability to it. there are so many ways to limit the run and make it harder for yourself.  A simple feature such as having player profiles where to start again you just have to make a new profile would be great. 

While typing this I also remember having a problem with playing with friends. I loved to play with my friends with dungeon defenders. However, there was a higher level than me. So I used a DPS character to help to defend the towers. The problem was that all the mana I was getting from these high level runs made it difficult to have my own pure single player run on the side. Profiles would solve this.

Its certainly on my wish list...

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