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Material Converter Coming Soon!!

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For anyone who has not watched the stream, here is the big news.

Shard Vendor is coming and this will allow the player to select the Shard they want. All the Shards will cost the same, they haven’t said the price of it but have hinted it will cost lower than 2000 DMs (Guessing between 500-1000).

They also revealed a new system called “Material Converter”. What you can do is convert your Chaos VII Materials down to a Chaos I or Chaos IV Materials. This will reduce the amount of farming to do in lower Chaos levels and speed up the reset process significantly. They want you to get back on On Slaughts as soon as possible. What’s even better is that you can convert your Chaos VII Ampules to Chaos VIII Ampules. Now it’s easier to obtain Chaos VIII Ampules! 

This is a big surprise and I’m super excited for this update which is coming next week. 

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I was thinking something like 1000: 1 ratio. Not sure if the ratio showed was something to be used, that will flood the whole market with cheap c8 amp for sure. I'm excited and curious to see what will happen !!

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