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Lost temple lag testing PC - EU server

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Hi I know there has been many players suffering from that. There is also vote how many people so we will know.

So I did some testing today and here are results:

1. Its issue only on EU - when i switch to US i have no lags like that - i tried US east and US west same setup same map = and i got only little lags - still much smaller then in EU.
2. The detail level, any processing any setup i did , did not changed the lags - so not related to players details setup - i tried lowest, and turn off everything, i tried medium and high, post processing, different setup - no impact.
3. It seems that omega wave - does not have the big spikes there - only small , seems pretty ok for last wave.  Even its not smooth as other maps.
4. It seems it changes each waves - sometimes lags are unplayable, sometimes its a little bit better. The less enemies on map - less laggy.
5. More players in group - more lags. I tried 2 players and 3 - both unplayable - solo is laggy but with 3 people is literally teleporting.
6. This issue is not related to hw of pc - i bought new pc 2 months ago - which surpass even recommended hw for DD2 and other maps are going very smoothly.
7. I tried also setup with different equipment - i removed hero with remnants tried different combinations - still the same.
The result:
Results are clear EU server has big lag issue even on solo games. It looks its related to server performance - as less players on server = less lags with same monsters. It does not even seems to be lane related - same lags with different lanes.
What reduce the lags?
If you have lags on onslaught lost temple 150+ - just switch to US and you will have less laggy game. That i tested only solo.
Also i discovered that in the night when there are not many players in the session - I tested at 9:00 PM, 10PM, 11PM and 12PM the lags are much less, now at 0:17 AM its pretty ok.
Also try to switch to US server play a map fast - loose, and try switch back to EU. This helped me too, not sure why maybe luck.
I hope this will help you guys - Chromatic - i hope you will address this.
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We're on onslaught level 244, and we were planning to stop playing it completely, with your tips (switching to US server) we are able to complete lost temple in half the time.

Thanks a lot.

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