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[SOLVED] Can't find/host/join games.

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Soo, hello, I was playing fine about ~5 hours ago but then I had to leave, so I finished my ember run, closed game and left the house(didn't turn pc off).

When I came back I booted the game only to find out that I could find any games, I couldn't host public or private games under the error "failed to create steam lobby". And same thing happened to open as well. (note: I can connect to ranked with no issues I just can't do anything after that)

I changed nothing to my pc, no win10 update happened and I kinda have no clue as of what to do now.

Things I tried:

Change the order of my adapters : I don't have hamachi or anything.

Restarting game/pc/steam/router.

Reset router to default settings.

Validated DD files.

Reinstalling DD.   

Restarting network adaptor.

Turning Firewall off.(game is allowed in exceptions)

Adding "-tcp" to my game settings/steam launch properties.(I use that anyway) Also tried removing it.

I can connect/play other games just fine(Overwatch, DOS2, WoWs and Hearthstone)


Running: Windows 10 Pro

Any help is appreciated :)

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I tried reinstalling the game(maybe it works this time) and while I was waiting for the download to finish I was looking around and found an older version of the game I had as a back-up(not really old just about 3-4 weeks).

I tried launching it and it connected, I searched for games, it timed out(no games found no error) so I went back and tried to make a private tavern. It took about 10-11 seconds and it made a tavern, I went back to lobby, refreshed and after like 10 seconds it showed a list of games.

I can host/join games normally it's just really slow.

I really have no idea as of what is happening xD

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**UPDATE 2** 

Download finished, booted game, for like 2 mins, I could refresh and see games after the search was done(like 20sec) but I couldn't join or host.

Right now it doesn't even find games....

Old install is now behaving in the same way.... Can't detect/join/host.

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**UPDATE 3**

The game as of now is perfectly fine. I worked out the issue. Apparently the client didn't actually want to "Save" my "-tcp" command and that resulted in the game launching without that command. After I opened the client about 3-4 times and just inputed the command, it decided to actually save it.


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