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Dungeon Defenders wont load

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So I'm pretty stuck on what to do, ive tried verifying cache, uninstalling and reinstalling and still left with same problem. I bought my son a copy of dd1 for him to play with me in advance of DDA (set up a steam acc etc) installed it on his pc and it worked fine but since its pretty old and wont run dd2 I decided to buy him a new pc but it cannot load DD1. Both PCs use windows 10, when we press play on steam it loads up the preparing to launch screen then does nothing just completely crashes at that point wont even load the game launcher. Can anyone please help as nothing I do seems to work.

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Right click on DD on steam > properties > local files > browse local files > binaries > dundefconfig.exe

Run the file, if it launches click on 2nd tab GFX/SOUND enable full screen and make sure the resolution is the same resolution as the desktop resolution(you can check desktop resolution by 

right click on desktop > display settings and scroll down 'till you see resolution.

click save and try launching the game through steam. if it doesn't work, browse to  

binaries > win32  and scroll down 'till you find dundefgame.exe > right click > run as administrator.


Hope I was able to help.

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