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I AM BACK!!! :)

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Hey DD Warriors,

at first, sorry for my english, it is not perfect, but i think you'll understand me :D

After a reaaally long break (3-4 years) i am finally back, maybe someone of the "old guys" will remember me.

Before I quitted, i sold all my stuff and do a really big giveaway Festival with one of my Friends.

I deleted all my chars (best idea ever o.o) and want to stop play DD forever, but here i am (again) xD


I still have a bunch of cubes left, because we can't throw them in the giveaways out.

with some help (and some cubes ^^) i got now pretty good stuff again, and start to learn DD again :D


In my old times, the apprentice was a piece of crap, seems like he is pretty strong now.

see ya on fields

- Kaito

Steam: Kaito_O



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