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Deeper well "massacre" mode

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When I started this post I wrote a huge pitch on a new version of deeper well that is made for the 4-6k stat range that is intended to spectate what massacre mode maybe be like. On open currently I have a "pre alpha" of sorts that is intended not only for me to learn the DDDK more but as an example of bringing old challenge back to the end game and in this case I redid deeper well and made the environment more dark to give it a new look while not changing it drastically. Currently I have a full range of weapons for each type of character, 2 pets, an full cd acc set,and all of these have a dark look and some special aspects that make them unique. For example the monkey adds a small weakness effect similar to donkeys but at a way smaller percentage.



(All stats and looks are subject to change and Items currently only work for the host) 


The map is in it's early stages but I plan on adding a central lane to deeper well to give it that extra bit of complexity in such a simple map. As it is only a challenge currently I plan on redoing it in a campaign environment as well. To hint on stuff i'm also planning is redoing the monster fest maps to bring them a campaign counterpart with a boss ect. Oasis monster fest with rewards from the city in the cliffs challenge uber death from above but with re-balanced stats to fit today's "endgame." 

The Map

I have been a Real DDDK kick lately and I wanted to show what I have done and I hope to give more as I learn.

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On 4/1/2019 at 5:27 PM, Garzhod said:

82k trans monkey. DEAR GOD

The base dmg looks really high but it's scaled down because I added a weakening effect similar to donkey's and  I lowered the healing and added a 5% hero speed boost.

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