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dd1 forums are butts

Fix DD1 Forums  

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  1. 1. Change the wiki drop down thing when you click on the dd1 forums bit

    • Take it off since its outdated
    • Warn people before sending them to the site that a lot of the information is wrong
    • Don't even touch it and leave it
    • Change it to link it to the DDRnG discord? (I know its an unofficial discord but there arent enough people who play dd1 in the official discord and there were a couple times when I and a few others asked about dd1 stuff and were shit on by people in there for playing dd1 still)
    • Change it to link to the Official Dungeon Defenders Discord
  2. 2. Change the recent posts in the DD1 forums to only show content related to DD1 and not the other DD games

    • Yes
    • No
    • Yeehaw

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uhh can we make it so the wiki isnt linked when you click on the drop down menu for the dd1 forums? or atleast say its outdated by like 6 years.

oh also, can we make it so the recent post thing in the dd1 forums is only recent posts from the dd1 forums? id rather not see dd2 topics and questions about dda when im trying to look at dd1 stuff.

if other people can +1 this so the forums people can see this, thatd be cool n stuff

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