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scaling defender medals

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hey so I have an idea for onslaught. have scaling defender medals.

after floor 30 every 5 maybe 10 floors you get 3-4 more defender medals 

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I think this will be a cool idea. On top of the weapon/shard drop in the upcoming update, this will give more incentive to climb as well.  Two things very important to consider however:

  1. Can't have outlier becoming too OP, like the AP bonus (Nictus/Term I'm looking at u... but I know u two don't have a forum acct, so I'll call u out anyway xD ). So a cap will be needed
  2. Can't have the cap too early, otherwise people will just farm at that specific floor, and still no incentive at higher floors. 

I'm no judge on that, all I can do is provide some simple thinking and 2-cent number, for u'all to judge. 

Second point comes first, since that'll dictate the first point. First of all, the cap needs to be well over 300. Since you are on discord, u probably already heard enuf of "300's easy, it's just a matter of doing it, only not doing it cuz no incentive". I'm not saying everyone who says that can do it easily, but that gets said frequently for a reason. Cap above 300 will provide incentive to push,  (and to prevent over-farming for vet player)

Here comes the most important/difficult part, balance to prevent OP. This can be changed by cap, starting floor, and scaling factor. Can't have people afk maps to earn 5 times more DM just cuz they are more vet. 50-75 DM per map is where I c high enough. starting floor and scaling factor will have to coordinate on the rest. 

can start at floor 100, 1 DM / 10 floor, cap at floor 500-700 (I'm setting the line here just for reference, since if I say 900, that'll put a lot people off; if I say 300, that'll result too many people farming at that cap floor. From leaderboard, 5-7 seems to be the floor that cuts most people off)

can start at floor 50, 1 DM / 15 floor

can start at floor 1, 1 DM / 20 floor

can start at floor 200, 1 DM/5 floor

(All numbers are just my own opinions, by no means good, just to stir up some discussion on this topic)

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