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Scam/pishing/sketchy campaign using DDA ?

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Just received today a sketchy email announcing that DDA was fully funded. image.thumb.png.38203642529409534b0555e7e6a3973a.png

The text is the same than the update 9, but the email itself doesn't looks legit :

_ the design is like, non existent, and doesn't like the other emails. No chromatic games logo, and the picture is just the one from KS.

_ the sender email is DUNGEON_DEFENDERS@DungeonDefenders.com

_ lof of encoding problems.

More over, at the end of the email, there is a link to the kickstarter, which is the same that the legit one, but with "?ref=85c5r8" at the end (not really worried about that), but there is also an unsubscribe link, which is a bit.ly link. And that one looks really sketchy. especially the pythonanywhere part :



So, is it legit or not ? Can the CG team can have a look at this ? Does other people also received this ?


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I agree with you, it seems sketchy.

But it says in the email (and nowhere else) they were gonna stream friday and then canceled the stream on the official CG twitter due to rain (outdoor stream btw).

My guess is that the unsubcribe button is just some code to take your email out of the database.

But still if anyone from the CG team could confirm if it's a real mail or not.


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Well DDA was fully funded... If you are ever unsure of a message, don't follow the links and navigate there on your own. You can get info from Kickstarter, Twitter, Discord, and the forum to verify. Delete the email if it seems phishy.

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Welp.  The good news is, that it's us and not some randos.

The bad news is, it looks super shade.

We were trying to test out some new methods of not having our emails get automatically picked up as "spam/promotions" in people's inboxes to increase our open rate on our newsletter blasts, and this one seemed to work, but it doesn't look so great. 

Some of the extra stuff going on in that e-mail is a tracking tag so that we can see if you opened the e-mail and then backed the Kickstarter project.  Here's a snapshot of how that ends up looking for us:

Complete with our tag typo and everything.


I apologize if this looks weird, we're just trying to do what we can to get the word out about the Kickstarter as much as possible.

We'll do our best to improve the execution and professionalism of these e-mails in the future, and I really appreciate everyone's feedback when it comes to these kinds of things.

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