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quinn the wolf

item revert request: only TE members can respond to this as normal players and moderators probaly cant asist whit this

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the picture is pretty self explainatory
i accidentely upgraded a piece of trash item to c8 and lost 2m becouse of it
i want this reverted, a friend of mine told me he accidentely did this too whit other items and so he got what he wanted
for me gold and medals are a case of playing dd2 or leaving again and i dont want to leave so i beg you to considder this... the c8 amp and the 2m gold back, if there is any ''payment'' needed then ill considder it, everything to get this shamefull act of stupidity removed from my acc....
i donot know if this post belongs here,but idk where else


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yes i want and dont mind to pay, at this time in life EVERYTHING costs money sadly enough

i spended around 10m in total (average 8m of a market price) i was lucky enough to got it from the floors

and i realy need that amp back, the gold i absolutely dont mind anymore

but those amps are a hell to get

everything to get it back!

also, how could you accidentely upgrade an item?, watch a video abnd upgrade all yoru gear to max, and in this case 1 of the 4 pieces already was max so i spammed the button whitoud knowing it was already max.... bye bye poor amp, i will never forget you


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Unfortunately, there is nothing to do about that.

10 hours ago, XXJOHNCENAXX said:

how do you accidentally upgrade something? also you would seriously pay them money to fix only losing 2 mill gold?

I had the same thing happen to me when I was mashing the upgrade button after a reset. You don't really notice it when it gets to c7 max because sometimes the game lags a bit.

The only way to make sure this doesn't happen again is to put the c8 amps in the sky bank vault. NOT THE MATERIAL VAULT! it can still be used from there too.


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they made the normal vaults now accessible by upgrading too, thats what they told in some update tho...

maybe the store on the online tav? XD

in the mean time i did had alot of luck and got 2 more c8 amps, so i guess its not too problematic

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