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Hero ability modifications

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"How many more threads before a change" edition

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Between these threads we have 32 separate individuals, including 4 CDT members, who all agree that there ought to be changes to at least some of the hero's abilities.

The result of that has been a buff to Mana Bomb and Purity Bomb that almost made them usable. Initiate and Countess, the most useless characters, remain entirely unchanged despite universal agreement that improvements are necessary.

If you want to go through some of the older ideas to see what you do/don't agree with, they're linked.

My ideas (read: opinions :squire_small:)

Summoner AB2 caps at 35% maximum HP @2419 Ab2. This cap should be raised significantly. Jester wheel needs only 1307 more points to heal the entire map for 75%.

Adept and Apprentice mana bomb still needs work. Mana bomb cooldown is 45 seconds and Purity Bomb cooldown is ~30 seconds. Furthermore to get significant damage on this ability, you need to fully invest into the ability, leaving your character significantly gimped for damage output. The abilities both need thier cooldowns reduced by at least 33% and they need to be able to be boosted somehow, even if not at 100% effectiveness. By the way, SL Apprentice skin does not increase Mana Bomb damage.

Initiate needs an entirely new ab1. RDB sucks and literally everyone with 2 functioning brain cells agrees. My previous proposal is a momentary massive  tower boost on a somewhat significant cooldown. Enemy Drain is useful for clearing survivals, but I cannot for the life of me name a survival on which you might use it. Palantir maybe? It would be significantly more useful if it affected bosses in any capacity. It also needs its mana cost brought in line with Hero Boost. (If it is any different; it feels to me like it is, but I don't know)

Squire's Blood Rage needs to not lead to a larger damage reduction than any other class on Nightmare. When activated you actually lose 87% of your damage instead of 85% like everyone else.

Countess needs CtA's mana cost reduced. It's really ridiculously bad. Joust is unique and I feel it should be buffed rather than replaced. The base damage needs buffed (my 6k/2.5k/2.5k countess w/~76kGladius does a whopping 1.7m per tick) and the damage should exponentially increase every tick where an enemy is consecutively hit.

I would personally like to see Lightning Stance changed to an elemental damage ability: you gain a percentage of swing damage as lightning damage, and hawk stance damage is purely lightning damage. Adding a lightning strike upon using Hawk would be cool too. (There might be a preexisting asset for lightning in the DDE stuff for the lightning storm amulet).

I think EV ability 1 could be more useful with a few changes but I haven't put enough thought in to suggest anything atm.

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I really like a lot of your suggestions. I have been a supporter of reworks similiar for a long time, as it seems the only reason to choose a character is


-is it a builder? go female

-is it a dps? go for best ability char


I feel like it would open up more options or play styles that would remain usable. I love using characters for non meta uses, and would see myself enjoying these characters more with some changes.

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Scaling for the gender swap characters abilities is way worse than their main counterparts. Take the huntress vs ranger as an example. For huntress you can leave your ability up for whole waves without it taking too much mana, while after 30 seconds the ranger's ab1 goes down.

I +1 the fact that the abilities need a change. I already made a thread similar to it listing old ones, but with the new search function you managed to find more threads than me

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8 hours ago, Thaleskpl said:

 but with the new search function you managed to find more threads than me

I actually just went through all the pages for the forum manually.

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IMO flash heal is fine the way it is.  No one ever felt it was unbalanced while they were playing the game because it worked just fine.  Once I told people the cap was 2419, a couple people got annoyed because they put more stats than that into it, but that's not really a balance issue.

I agree other abilities need to be changed.

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