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Ascension levels. Maybe fix up?

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You have worked well, a great new forum, (No, worse, for example, there is no spoiler button to download large media files) and to work on the bugs in the game?

Will the developers exactly read something?  Okay, to the point. Here, of course, entertaining (no) mathematics is indicated, which never explains the work of the levels. I will not stretch this post for 300 lines, I'll start immediately with 7 reset. (Although there, too, mistakes calculations of the game)

Is everything right here? +3 levels. https://imgur.com/oxjWYAL

Where are the levels here?  https://imgur.com/jUtGSvh

Okay, I thought, and a little "hit" in mathematics, stupid and useless, the calculation of which is incomprehensible why you came up with. Having spent this time, I again did not find the answer. https://imgur.com/gRR0Gt8
Then I do not even know what to describe. https://imgur.com/MdwoDcg
+1233 hung tight, like some games.
So maybe you will return me the levels of ascension, and will not try to rub something, to explain some kind of mathematics and other deficiencies.
I understand everything, it’s normal that errors happen somewhere, we are all human. 
And I do not need abstruse attempts to answer, you just need to take and do, saying at the same time, well, I'm sorry, we made a mistake, we’ll fix everything, we make the game first so that people, players, enjoy it.
When you deal with this, I will write some other errors related to obtaining infinite mana for construction.
And also I collected a little material with ideas for future updates, these are very important things for all players, they will not only fix the economy, but also simplify the gameplay. Just a few screenshots and a couple of lines of text, but I don’t want to collect all this in one topic, now it’s important to deal with the levels of ascension, without invented mathematics in the form of 4.16 * 3, it doesn’t work that way.

Thank you.








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If i'm understanding your post correctly, you've misunderstood how the min asc level works.
Indeed, the Formula is MinAsc = ((MaxFloor -30) *4.16 + (MaxAsc /50))*3

But what you've got wrong is that the Value isn't added to your previous MinAsc level (then again, if i understood your post).

If i were to put in python :
its NOT MinAsc = MinAsc + ((MaxFloor -30) *4.16 + (MaxAsc /50))*3

but instead it is  MinAsc = ((MaxFloor -30) *4.16 + (MaxAsc /50))*3

so it simply updates the value instead of summing it with its previous value.

So no, the games hasn't stolen 1233 additional levels from you
(although ((123-30) *4.16 + (1275/50))*3= 1237.14 so you could say that the game has not given you 4 levels.

Sorry if my post is unclear.

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