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[WTA] Some ult armor pieces

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As the title says im auctioning these ult pieces. Some pieces are for builders, some for dps and one for ab2. (some are already upgraded, some are not)

I dont accept mana, but I do accept coals (not small coals, tho) and cubes. And if it comes as far as diamonds I value them 5/10/15.

I reserve the right to (you know the rest), but I doubt it will come to that.

End date: 1st of march (on Friday)

Might end earlier if there's no interest in the items.

Happy biddings :)


Ult Clava 3 capping

Ult pristine helmet 341^

Ult Chain boots 372^

Ult leather *dps* chest piece 381^

Ult mail boots 313^

Ult mail chest piece 311^

Ult pristine chest piece 330^

Ult+ leather *dps* boots 362^

Ult+ pristine *ab2* chest piece 393^ - Ubermench 3cv

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