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Finish placing WM with gamepad

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Hi all,

My missus plays with the gamepad on the PC version. 

The only trouble we see is placing EV node defenses. 

The screen says press X (we have setup as Select/Interact) on the pad when finishing placing nodes.

However this does not work and therefore forced to place all 3 WM nodes.

I found with the other three defences there is a work around by pressing the bottons to select the same defence again and it finishes building. Just doesn't work with WM.

Anyone else have experience with playing gamepad on PC?


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Found a fix. Press E on keyboard!!

Therefore I have used joytokey to simulate pressing E on the keyboard.

Then that brought another problem on the inventory where selecting EQUIP item would make the inventory page scroll right. 

Changed the joytokey instruction to press and hold X on the controller for 2 seconds to set EV's defences (emulate E on keyboard).

Obviously I don't use default pad controls, they are non excellent, and may be the cause  of it not working. Something for the bug list.

Perhaps this will help others who have a living room pc setup or just like controllers.

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I use an XBOX controller on PC and have no issues. I use the default mapping. I previously used a PS4 controller with ds4windows then later the Steam Big Picture support, again no issues. Place the nodes with A, finish with X.

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