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Martin Arcainess

More and Different Daily Quests

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HI all. So In DD2 there be times where I wish I had an objective to do on this map or why I'm here.

I think Quest is a good way to do this. Gives us more of meaning to do maps other than farm but with the way current quest is, being daily this does give us much meaning to do after. So I recommend an upgrade to the daily quest system.


So each day we get 8 quest allowances. With these 8 allowances, we can choose from a wide list of quests with different rewards. So, for example, if you are in need of plain motes, (who isn't these days) you can accept a quest that gives you a certain amount of motes based on the chaos level. So C1-5 plain motes C7= 30 plain motes.



The rewards we get with our dailies are ok but I like to see abit more variety in what we can be rewarded with. Sometimes after a reset, I need gold so a quest that rewards me with gold or a x3 mod rerolls.
In short, we need more variety of rewards in our quests.

More quest then clear x map

Again, this is similar to the above, clear x map x times for def medals. I think a bit more creative quests would be nice. So we can things like easy type quest, the rewards are low but the quest itself is easy to do like, kill 200 Goblins and then we get harder quests such as "Clear 2 C7 maps only with towers" or "No hero swapping"


your thoughts?

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I like the idea of having a array of choices and we get to choose the one we would like to do and the variety of oddball quests like your propose clear 2 c7 maps with only towers would be fun but probably too hard for most. Still overall like the proposal.

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