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New Hero Idea/Suggestion- The Lizard Warrior

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From the depths of Etheria's jungles comes the Lizard Warrior, a steadfast mid-ranged fighter that pummels his foes with Crossbows at range, dealing damage in a small areaaround the initial target. Bearing powerful spells and steward defenses, he excells at not only keeping enemies at a fair distance but can buff his allies Defenses as well.

Hero Abilities

Weapon- Crossbow/Slings

Primary Attack- Bolt/rock projectile with initial splash damage

Secondary Attack- Double shot

Ability 1- Roar (Emits a staggering roar that demoralizes enemies within range, stunning them for 2 seconds and take 45% increased damage for 5 seconds afterwards from all attacks. Cooldown is 15 seconds.)

Ability 2- Vault (Leaps backwards, slowing nearby enemies from the origin point to 70. Vault pierces any enemy along the way.)

Ability 3- Mark of the Salamander(Places a Mark that buffs the Defense Power of affected defenses by 40%, whilst perioidcally healing them by 10% of their max health.)

Ability 4- Regenerate- (Heals the Lizard Warrior by 15% of his Max Health for 2.5 seconds. Can still move while healing. Cooldown is 5 seconds.)


Defense 1- Cesspool- (Aura: Enemies that walk on the Cesspool take damage, dealing 450% of its Defense Power as Water damage. The Cesspool periodically marks enemies, causing the next damage source to deal 75% more damage to the marked target. This effect only occurs once every 3.5 seconds. If the Lizard Warrior stands in a Cesspool, he regenerates 10% of his Ability Resource every second he remains in the pools.)

Defense 2- Balfire Guardian- (Blockcade: Summons a Guardian that knocks back any enemy struck, dealing 370% Defense Health as physical damage. Enemies slain by the Balfire Guardian spawn small patches of naplam, dealing an additional 600% of its Defense Health as Fire to any enemy that stand on it, lasts for 3 seconds. Standing near a Balfire Guardian increases its range by 50%.)

Defense 3- Withering Tree- (Tower: Spews noxious fumes around a large radius, dealing 550% of its Defense Power as Poison to nearby enemies. Enemies also deal 25% reduced damage to defenses while within the AoE. If Mark of the Salamander is casted within the Wither Tree's radius, lightning will chain up to 3 enemies, dealing 400% Defense Power as Storm damage for 5 seconds.)

Defense 4- Warpfire Gong- (Tower: Summons a wisp that seeks out and strikes enemies, dealing damage to a single target and destroying the wisp in the process. Spawns wisp every 1 second. If te Warpfire Gong is struck by the Lizard Warrior'sattacks, the rate increases to .31 seconds for 4 seconds.)


Roar of the Ancients- Roar now deals 100-750 Ability Power in storm damage to affected enemies.Blessed Cesspool- Cesspool now heals allies, restoring 10% of their max health.

Double Wham- Balfire Guardians have a chance upon striking to unleash a wave of force, dealing 120-800% of its defense health as Fire damage to enemies in a line.

Guardian Shell- Balfire Guardians now have a 10-35% to gain a shield that reflects damage and projectiles back at the attacker, dealing 100% of damage taken and an additional200% Defense Health as Fire over 7 seconds.

Writhing Worms- Withering Tree now causes sharp spikes to sprout beneath enemies instead, each dealing 350-% of its Defense Power in a small area around each target struck.

See Ya- Increases the distance Vault goes by 5-200 units. After Vaulting, your movement speed is increased by 175 for 10 seconds.

Drums of War- Warpfire Gong now increases Hero Damage and Ability Power to nearby allies standing around it.Replenshing Fill- Secondary attacks have a 20-70% chance to restore 1-10% of your Ability Resource.

Sharpened Impact- Increases the Aoe splash by 5-100 units.

Venomous Backlash- Prmary attacks poison enemies, dealing 50-600% of your Hero Damage as Poison to enemies hit over 5 seconds. Enemies killed will spread the poison to nearby enemies. Last for 5 seconds.

Battle Cry- Roar now also heals nearby allies by 15% of their max health and increases their damage by 1-25%.

Temple Guards' Shriek- Balfire Guardians can now wail after losing 20% of its health in damage, warping nearby enemies back to the spawn. Does not affect Boss enemies.

Salamander's Fury- The Warpfire Gong now has a 2-20% chance on hit to spawn a fire pillar around the enemy struck, dealing 100-450% of its Defense Power as Fire to nearby enemies. Pillar will last for 3.5 seconds. Occurs once every 7 seconds.Circle of Bolstering- The Withering Tree now increases the Defense Health of all defenses placed within an Aoe by 10-60%. If affected defense is a tower, it also increases its range by 5-40%.

Please leave a comment to what u think.

Ty Gobu  Emoji_Kobalt.png

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wow, awesome idea. Love to have it. Thank you for sharing. 

I like the idea of an AOE tower. Something new to DD2... 

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Hi Ninja Kiwi, i like the idea of an Poison Tree with AOE effect ... that could be usefull with 4 Control Burn in Onsalught.


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