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Dryad boot shard idea

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boot shard idea 1: increase the pickup range of mana stars by a large amount to be able to pick them up while flying overhead (maybe like the height of 2-3 dryads)


Boot shard idea 2: consume mana stars instead of using them to attack enemies from a distance.


Boot shard idea 3: adds ability to fly vertically for 1-2seconds ( to get a good distance up to throw abilities easier)

the reasoning for my ideas is because that i spend a good amount of time flying overhead to different lanes dropping abilities on enemies but every now and then i land to refill my mana and then immediately jump and fly again. i would love it if i didn’t have to land and shoot a few mana stars at myself to regain my mana and then fly again. plus there aren’t many boot shards to choose from so there’s that. 

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