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Some good ideas.....

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Hi i got some ideas:

  • What about give to game some new elements:
  1. Ice ( freezing enemyes when they are drenches )
  2. Dark ( Controling enemyes, dot dmg, Killing enemy )
  3. Light ( Stun enemyes, remade tower dps to healing attacks )
  4. Air ( knockback, dot dps, slow ) Variables :( Smoke, Vacuum )
  5. Acid ( poisons for Auras, Traps, Nodes )
  6. Ash ( Slowing eńemyes and with fire = Stun )
  7. Sound ( Dmging, Bouncing, Disabling )
  • What about some news effects:
  1. Poison effect
  2. Earth element can ( Deflecting dmg )
  3. Suffocation
  4. Towers can oil enemyes
  •  Something for communities
  1.  Challenges
  2.  Exp bonus when members is together
  3.  Own House for community ( maybe town)
  4.  Territory
  • More mods
  • Some shards for dryad :
  1. Hornets can poison target
  2. apod....

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All help me show some more ideas lika thats.

  • Type of challenge for community:
  1. One is comander and he cannot build. Other 3-4 can build but only where commander show them. Or commander can speak to them. 
  • thats give me idea about community speak system.

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