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Character Suggestion #1: The Goblin Inventor

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I actually posted this a few months ago, but it was on a thread from 2015 that was unwittingly bumped by a new user. I've since refined the idea a bit, and so I thought a repost was in order. Anyway, here goes:

(Read this in the narrator's voice) The Goblin Inventor wished only for peace, and a world where he could use his inventions for the good of all. However, the armies of The Old Ones offered him no such luxury. Shunned by his brethren, he now stands alongside the heroes of Etheria to thwart the Old Ones' ambitions, and bring about the peace he so desires. He fights against the enemy hordes using firearms, explosives, and an array of mechanical towers of his own devising.

Secondary Resource:

Much like the Mystic, when used as your active character during a wave, enemies will drop scrap metal when killed, that the Inventor must then pick up to recharge his ability resource, known as Scrap Power. Scrap metal would be anything from the weapons they wield, to the armor that larger enemies wear, appearing on the ground as simple chunks of weapons and armor. Larger/heavier armoured enemies will yield more scrap metal.

His abilities:

(Secondary Attack) Barrage: When using his secondary attack, the Inventor will fire a rapid barrage of projectiles on enemies in front of him, consuming his built up Scrap Power with each shot fired. While it has relatively high DPS, it eats through his Scrap Power resource fairly quickly.

Cryo Bomb: The Inventor hurls a frosty explosive device that detonates on impact, freezing enemies hit for a few seconds, and leaving a small chilling AOE that  lingers for a few seconds, slowing enemies.

Gyrocopter: A small, hovering drone is summoned that pelts nearby enemies with bullets for a few seconds, before crashing to the ground and exploding, dealing healthy AOE damage.

Ammo Upgrade: When used on a tower placed by the Inventor, all attacks by that tower will have additional effects, such as damage or piercing rounds for the duration of the effect. Shards or Ascension bonuses can be used to increase the duration of this effect.

His Weapons: The Goblin Inventor prefers close to medium ranged weapons, such as a Shotgun or a Grenade Launcher, to other forms of equipment. While not suited for long range, at close range he can deal damage to crowds of enemies with a shotgun, or keep himself at a moderate distance with an explosive launcher. Which type of weapon is equipped is up to the player's discretion.

His towers:

Gatling Tower: A long range tower that fires in a straight line (If you were around back in the days of the alpha, think of the range of the Heavy Cannonball tower) but without a wide angle, thus requiring enemies to stand directly in front of it. The Gatling tower does relatively low damage, but makes up for it with a high rate of fire, giving it fairly effective stopping power vs. single targets. The narrow range will require careful placement, though. When hit the the Inventor's Ammo Upgrade, the rounds fired by the gatling will do slightly increased damage, while ignoring enemy resistance.

Claymore: Exactly as the name suggests, an explosive device is placed on the ground, from which a tripwire is extended. When an enemy crosses the active tripwire, the Claymore fires a burst of explosive damage in a cone, hitting any enemies unlucky enough to be caught in the effective range. The direction of the Claymore's attack can be set separately from the tripwire, allowing for some clever placement options, though the player should take care to ensure that the attack still hit the enemy triggering the tripwire. Fire Rate would decrease the amount of time before the tripwire resets and a new burst can be fired. When hit with the Inventor's Ammo Upgrade, blasts from the Claymore will stun enemies hit for a short time.

Explosive Mortar: When placed, the tower can then be interacted with in order to set a firing trajectory, potentially over walls and other obstacles. It will be up to the player, when setting the Mortar's firing range, to ensure that the arc trajectory doesn't hit any obstacles. The Explosive Mortar has a relatively low rate of fire, but does fairly high damage to a group of enemies, lobbing a bomb when they walk through the targeted area. When hit with the Inventor's Ammo Upgrade, rounds fired by the Explosive Mortar will have increased damage and blast radius.

Plasma Railgun: A single shot tower with incredibly long range, low rate of fire, high damage, and the ability to pierce terrain (think Deadly Striker tower from DD1). The tower has extremely low health, thus requiring careful placement, as a single solid attack could destroy it. When hit with the Inventor's Ammo Upgrade, projectiles fired will pierce enemies hit.

His Shards: Fairly standard stuff. Things that increase the power or duration of his abilities, decrease Scrap Power consumption, or increase the rate at which Scrap Power is gained. As for his towers, his shards would involve things like adding a small poison gas cloud to his Claymore, or causing enemies hit by the Plasma Railgun to have a chance to shock nearby enemies for a portion of the damage received as storm element, or a lingering flame from the area hit by the Explosive Mortar.

Anyway, I'm open to thoughts and suggestions, what do you think?

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everything sounds cool but i think his towers are too generic. he’s an inventor yet his towers are just guns and explosives that have already been invented

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