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Hero builds

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Hello everyone,

I would like to talk about different type of builds for heroes. I've been writing things down on paper in regards to stats, shards mostly.  Let me know what you think of these builds:

Hero Dmg Build:  Weapon = hero dmg + health                      

                                Boots = armor + hero dmg

                                Chest = armor + hero dmg

                                Gloves = armor + hero dmg

                                Helmet = armor + hero dmg

                                 Total is armor x4, health x1, hero dmg x5

                                Shards: Critical strike, Power gambit, Charged shot

Ability Build:  Weapon = hero dmg + health

                         Boots = armor + ability

                         Chest = armor + ability

                         Gloves = armor + ability

                         Helmet = armor + ability

                         Total is armor x4, health x1, hero dmg x1, ability x4

                         Shards: (depends on the hero) Inspiration,  Power of storms, Channel, Mana capacitor

Health Build: Weapon = hero dmg + health

                        Boots = armor + health

                        Chest = armor + health

                        Gloves = armor + health

                        Helmet = armor + health

                        Total is armor x 4, hero dmg x1, health x5

                        Shards: Worm scarf, Bulwark, Life leech, Retribution?

Stun Build: Similar to health build or can mix it up.

                    Shards: Brain of confusion, Overwhelm, Drenching strike (with lightning mod in weapon), Beacon of storm,

                    Electric retribution? Annoyance?

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