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i think it would be awesome if we had raids like in Destiny 1. 

i have never had more fun than when i was doing those raids like the Vault of Glass where there was 6 of us and each of us had a part to play. splitting up into teams of 2 to capture and hold points for another team to jump into a portal while defending the point to keep the portal open. having one guy use a relic to protect and make an opening to damage the boss. only having 1 life unless someone picked you back up.

random raid loot dropping once the boss was defeated once a week made me excited to want to play the raid every week. this brought a bunch of friends together to work together since it’s pretty much impossible to solo unless you cheesed it.

i would love to see raids in DD2 as a new mode to change it up a little bit from defending crystals to going to take down bosses for cool raid loot. 

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