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[WTA] Ult++ Mail Chest / IC UP

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https://imgur.com/a/3Xdj2JM (Link just incase the picture doesnt show)

Item check: Inf3dbU.png

I accept cubes, diamonds and events.

Diamonds: 4/10/15

List the event you wanna sell and I will try to give it a fair price.

Minimum bid increase is 1cv

I reserve the right to cancel/decline the auction, should the offer not be satisfying. 

End date: January 10th 9am CET!

C/O: Salty Bish 40cv

If anyone has any question, go ahead and ask them! :)

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@Area 51 quote:

10 cubes + Captain Djins Hat, which is worth 45 cv in my opinion

Dont think im really interested in Captain Djinns Hat honestly. Got something else in store? Sorray :x

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