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Early vs late game progress

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After sleuthing through threads and personal experience it's becoming painfully clear that some serious balance changes need to be explored.

Early game everything feels just over powered just add a trash MOD or upgrade a relic a little with the use of a good defence like WM then early game is trivialised.

Mid game is not much harder with the use of MODs and practicality any circle/cone of death it's still pretty easy

But late game around onslaught floor 100+ the balance seems to start going out the window and the higher you push in onslaught the worse it gets.

Tower's just keep falling short here's a few examples

Skyguard a tower purely designed for air defence just can't keep up something like a PDT and FA does a better job.

Almost every situation blockades can't hold out because enemies hit too hard.

I mean yeah every tower is viable early game but only 10% of towers are viable late game this diminishing returns heavily impacted late game only but it's irrelevant early game

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