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Suggested DU Changes

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I had a long, well-written post, but the damned forum ate it and said I wasn't logged in, so here's the abbreviated version.

Thanks for continuing to tweak DU costs for defenses. The latest patch is a good start, but there's much more work to do.


-Explosive Trap: It's terrible and should only cost 10DU to act as filler.

-Geyser Trap: It costs more than comparable defenses like Oil Geyser, Lightning Aura, and Snaking Sands. Drop it to 20DU.

-Blaze Balloon: It costs DOUBLE what comparable defenses like Fissure of Embermount and Flame Aura do. Drop it to 30DU.


-Boost Aura: I don't think it's quite worth its cost. 30DU would be better.


-Harpoon Turret: It costs double what a Cannon Turret costs and isn't better than 2 Cannon Turrets. Drop it to 40DU.

-Training Dummy: Why reduce the cost? Instead, increase the cost to 40DU and buff the heck out of it to make it more like the Bumper Blockades in DD1.


-Arcane Blockade: Why does the smallest, crappiest blockade cost the same as all the good ones? Drop it back to 20DU.

Abyss Lord:

-Skeletal Ramster: A mono-directional Flamethrower Turret should cost about the same as a regular Flamethrower Turret: 40DU.

-Skeletal Archers: All-around unimpressive performance that is worth the basic tower cost of 30DU AT BEST.

-Colossus: Worth as much as 2 Skeletal Orcs. They got a discount, he didn't. Drop him to 60DU.


-Volcano: Cut it in half to 50DU. The current cost is a joke.

Series EV2:

Across the board, get rid of the mechanic where the first node costs double what subsequent nodes do.

-Proton Beam: 10DU/node.

-Reflect Beam: 10DU/node.

-Buff Beam: 20DU/node.

-Weapon Manufacturer: 30DU/node.


No complaints!


-Harpy Perch: The worst defense costs more than the best one (and the same as the second-best one). Drop her to 20DU.

-Angry Nimbus: The high cost was justified before he got Nerfed to death. Drop him to at least 50DU to be on-par with the Skyguard for AA costs.

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Where abouts are you in the game? I hate to be the opposite side of this but several of these things would be very OP with the reduced cost.

Explosive trap is an amazing defenses that the highest floor holders are using

Geyser....needs some love but not any alteration to cost

Blaze Balloon also puts out a ton of damage so reducing its cost would make it better than any AoE defense

Boost Aura.....is the.....single most powerful......defense.....in the game.....no on the cost reduction ._.

Ballista pierces targets, makes it a little better than a cannon, it can put out insane damage

Training Dummy was a copy of slice and dice tower not bumper blockade

on ward and on ward.

I'm trying to figure out where all this is coming from, where are you getting this experience to say these defenses need help?

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Personally I think alot of these du costs are in a good place, except volcano. My big issue is some of these defenses just need a buff, and have for a very long time. Also several maps need more du such as ramparts seige and assault on the throne room. They open up more lanes but give the same DU space as their counterparts. 

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