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C8 Upgrade costs & suggestions for improving the current system

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Dear Trendy Team. 

I would like to comment on the C8 upgrade cost and suggest a way for improvement on this system. 
Currently to upgrade just 1 item to c8 we need 250 Materials ( clusters for example which is a 40 hour grind on single area like dungeons) + 600 Pristine motes ( which was never a problem for me) + 11 mil gold ( which is kinda expensive but still not a huge problem) and finally 6 x C8 ampules where the big problem appears. 

 Now personally i am having a problem with those ampules. Last 40 floors i did ( floor 70-110) didn't drop even 1 of those for me. If i wanted to upgrade a full build on just 1 of my champions i would need around 24 of them to fix my 4 relics, another 24 for 4 gear armor pieces and yet another 6 or 12 for weapons, shield, etc.  meaning If i want to upgrade just 1 character to c8 i will need arround 60 c8 ampules total which is unrealistic and honestly near impossible.  Price on markets right now is between 6mil up to 12 milion each ampule even if you find players willing to sell those. So again cost is getting even higher if we include that cost into the mix. 

Suggestion for improvement:
1. Materials
 My suggestion is to reduce required mats from 250 to less which will not force people to grind the same maps over and over again for days just to upgrade 1 item on 1 champion. I spent 8 hours of gameplay farming the same map just to get 50 mats. So rougly it will take me 40 hours of grind on a single type of map to farm 250. And then those 250 will be enough to max just 1 item.   I have 24 champions and at this rate i feel that i will never be able to get them all to c8 which is forcing me to focus on just 1 or 2 main champions. (I like diversity and I usually try using different champs and builds as often as i can).
2. C8 Ampules 
My suggestions for ampules fix are to change requirement to 1 per item ( the initial uprade) and then to require only mats, motes and gold for next 5 upgrades on the item. Similar to what we see in upgrades C1-C7. 
Another way to fix that  is to increase c8 ampules drop rate the higher you go in onslaught. So for example players that play Floor 30+ to get one drop rate, Players who play floor 60+ to get increased rate, floor 90+ even bigger increase and so on every 30 floors or so. That way players who try to push even higher than that like myself will feel rewarded for doing so. 

Speaking of onslaught rewards I would like to add just one side remark on that topic.  Defender medals and defender packs. Repeating lower floors, helping others may give you a c8 ampule as reward, but it might not, however apart from that what is sure is that you won't get any medals out of it and you won't get a chance to get a defender pack from chests. Meaning the only incentive for repeating lower floors and helping your fellow defenders is actually the chance to get a c8 ampule.

I hope this reaches you and you will consider my suggestions in future DD2 updates. 
Sincerely yours , 

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I agree! The cost and farming time for clusters is ridiculous! Same with the c8 amp drop rate. Specially that it stops dropping after a certain higher floor. 

Also I agree with king that the drop system should change. Really wish there was some kind of rewards for playing higher onslaught. For now it just seems pointless to climb higher specially if u already have the max talent cap and a high min asclvl.

Give us a reasonable c8 upgrade system and a reason to climb in onslaught!

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