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Under performing Defenses (and some suggestions)

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So This game is about killing hoards of enemies with crazy defenses and wacky heroes. Theme is wonderful, but with 39 different defenses why are only like 8-12 used for 99% of the game? Well i wanna talk about that for a lil bit, offer my insight as to why the harpy, for example, inst used near as much as the LSA, even tho they fill the same roll (single target high dps) So lets get into it!

here is a list of the current best defenses, these are, imo the best of the best:

  1. WM (didn't see that coming?)
  3. Earthshatter tower (the best for farming rn)
  4. PDT (for poison, less so for dmg)
  5.  frostbite, proton beams (grouped together because they are used for the same thing, slow/freeze)
  6. Fissures and rams (only rly here because frost mobs)
12 outta 39 is kinda low, 30% of the defenses are used for the entire games content. if we remove the walls(8) and the other weird defenses (reflect beam, obelisk, these aren't bad, just cant be classified as walls or dps towers reliably) we get 12 outta 29, so 41% of all dps defenses are top tier. So imma go thru each dps defense that isn't in the meta, explain why it isn't good, and make some suggestions as to how they could be made better. The goal here isnt to make everything as broken as WM, or old school bees, but to make everything more viable. Time to make a long list. 

Also, if a specific defense isn't mentioned in this list, i felt that the defense didn't need any changes, but they just aren't meta, and that's ok, not everything has to be the best. ( if you disagree, you know where to tell me, keep it respectful tho)

  • Flame-thrower: all in all it isn't a terrible defense, its damage is solid when geared, decent hp and it will attack anything in a circle of it. It just suffers from a rly low range and with it being 40 DU instead of 30 for a flame aura (25% increase in du for a weaker defense) you end up just wanting to put flame auras in weird spots that cy cant see instead of the tower. Changes: 30 DU, better range scalar OR more dmg. It is a flame thrower after all, the low range does make sense, but it doesn't roast as much as it should.

  • Ballista: Again not a terrible defense, but its 60 DU for basically a single target defense (i know it pierces, but you get 10% less dmg every pierce, so it gets bad quick) also it has very bad range when compared to its counterpart the earthshatter (3000 for ballista, 4000 for earthshatter. 4500 ballista with range gambit, 6000 for earthshatter) even tho they both are 60 du, and are both basically single target. Earthshatter gets earth toss making its attack an AOE, thus allowing it to crush the ballista in any category but air. Changes: give it the same range and scalar as the earthshatter, and give it the Puncturing Bolts shard (10 total pierces) intrinsically, the ballista has 4! shards to its name, and with def rate and destruction being mandatory, it has too many shards with too few spots.

  • Explosive trap: While actually being pretty good, its only fault is its not a flame aura... Changes: make it stand out as a defense, i would give it a bit more range and allow it a chance to disorient enemies, kinda a stun, but less so. out of all of the defenses on this list, this one is the closest to being a meta defense imo.

  • geyser trap: well this is the first rly bad defense. TBH i had to go an gear it and use it because I totally forgot about it... and its terrible. its theme is wonderful, an aoe defense that drenches anything, priming the electrocute combo. However, with the range gambit and deadly strikes, its trigger range is larger than its effect range! Changes: More drenching range please! like 1000 range with DS and gambit. For 30 du it has to compete with flame auras, and they cant, not even close, so id like to see more raw dmg added as well (could you imagine this with a few explosive traps with storm dmg stunning everything? oh boy!)

  • Blaze balloons: Yall gotta use this guys its actually rly good! my only complaint is that while the range is good enough, the trigger is tiny. But seriously, try this in an onslaught frosty fodder lane, they tear stuff up!!! Changes: Bigger activation radius and id make it 50 du instead of 60, its not quite 2 flame auras in terms of dmg

  • Skeletal archers: another good defense, just needs a boost. Right now its 40 du for a double team of single target defense. What can you get for 40 du? 2 LSA's. Which would you rather have? Changes: A higher atk speed of .63 at cap, and a bit more dmg. Maybe this could be the opposite of the LSA, lvl 1 is amazing but its upgrades aren't great, while the lsa starts kinda weak but lvls amazingly

  • oil geyser: Changes: More range and trigger range, also make it to where fire dmg doesn't remove the oiled status for controlled burn lanes, the most popular aoe defense is the flame aura(wm is only used for stuns and we all know it) so if this cant keep enemies oiled, why invest in it? 

  • volcano: love volcanoes! Easily the best looking defense in the game, its just 100 du is too steep of a price tag. Changes: 80 du, maybe less, also the dmg scalar for upgrades is just too low, almost never worth upgrading

  • snaking sands: This is a weird defense, mainly used as a slow/ stun. the other slow/ stun is the proton beam and that does everything this can do, but better. Changes: bigger trigger radius and a longer lasting slow effect, maybe a 6 second slow,  2 second stun on an 8 second recharge, also a bit more dmg, one hit every 8 seconds, it better hit like a truck 

  • Sand viper: Alright time for a confession! This is my second fav defense in the game, so i am biased towards it. I wanna see this thing in the meta so badly, but the changes here will make it better, but not overpowered, i promise i am being impartial in this post and being fair. Changes: Allow beams to stack on a target without hero skills. Currently the mystic has her 3rd ability that makes any sand vipers in range target the ememy hit and allowing multiple beams to hit one target, change the skill to simply have that target get prioritized, and take more dmg from snakes while allowing beam stacking to be intrinsic. This will keep the interaction with a dps mystic and her lovely snakes the same, but allow them to be used without babysitting. Also, why does it take like 2 seconds to target a new enemy? That has got to go! The single target version of this defense(without split vipers) is crippled because it takes so long to ramp dmg, kill a target and than switch to another one. Also a faster atk speed would be amazing!, i would cut the dmg in half, but double the atk speed, same dps, but it would ramp dmg faster.

  • Harpy: YAY! we get to talk about harpies, the laughing stock of the game (right next to target dummies) its dmg is solid, but why does it stop firing? Is it reloading? re-feathering?? IDK, but it kills the dps of the tower. Again this tower is 40 du before the requirement of a world tree, this or 2 lsa's? We all know that answer. Changes: Remove the time it takes to find its target, and make it fire untill it kills the enemy. also while the range is fine (you can add more i wont complain) its range cone is very narrow, id make it closer to the cannons cone (the yellow lines on the left and right of the harpy/cannon)
  • hailstorm tower: Basically the air only harpy. Same problems here, a weird targeting time, and a random reload time make this defense useless for dmg. Changes: same as harpy, and also make its range max out way later than 6000 (the sky guard tower, its competition, hits 3 enemies, has no weird reload or targeting issues, and doesn't have a range cap) Is there a competition between hailstorm towers and SGT? Nope, not at all.

  • Ramster: A meta defense in this list? yupp! Changes: I would like to see it upgrade better. The volcano upgrades better than this at a du cost of 100!(remember that the initial du cost affects the upgrade quality, the lower the placement cost, the better the upgrade.) Tbh i think its a bug, but imma put it here because i'm not sure, and its my list, imma do what i want.

  • Training dummies: While technically a wall, again, my list, my rules. This thing is hot garbage! While it does have the same hp scalar as the spike blockade, its a smaller wall, so enemies will move past it more often, like... oh idk, lady orcs! And than its dmg as dps is basically 0 in any content your geared for (c4 gear in c4, c7 gear in c7, etc) Changes: a complete redesign! i would make this thing a 30 du, aoe tower that throws waves of swords out at anybody in its range! prolly a mid range, maybe 4000 max range, .75 max atk speed, solid physical dmg and if you strike it, it attacks faster and hits harder (.35 atk speed, 40% more dmg, numbers are not my strong suit, but this is an idea, not a final plan)

Told ya! That's a long list. But i don't believe anybody else has compiled a list this in depth before, and if they did, its prolly a few years old by now. So if ya have any thoughts, send them down below. Keep in mind i dont want any negativity on this thread! So be nice. And trendy, I know you read the forums and listen to community feedback, so maybe give this a read or 2 and give these changes some consideration? Obviously you guys are rly busy, and big changes cant just happen overnight, but i wanted to get some thoughts your way in the most sensible way i knew. Everything in this post is 100% steal able if you wanna use it, i want it all in the game. Also i might do this list for hero's as well, lemme know your thoughts!

Keep on the fantastic work!

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This is a great list!  Very well thought out.  And anyone who went to the trouble of testing out the geyser trap deserves an award. 😆 I would love to see all the above changes. 

I know you left off walls for the sake of brevity. But, I’ve got to ask:  Did you consider the arcane barrier? This one actually gets the hot garbage award in my book. How would you change it?

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@SELL SW0RD quote:

This is a great list!  Very well thought out.  And anyone who went to the trouble of testing out the geyser trap deserves an award. 😆 I would love to see all the above changes. 

I know you left off walls for the sake of brevity. But, I’ve got to ask:  Did you consider the arcane barrier? This one actually gets the hot garbage award in my book. How would you change it?

I would  make it actually knockback enemies when it takes damage, maybe make it every 5% of its total hp it explodes and knocks back enemies, somewhere along those lines, or forget the hp threshold and when it gets hit it does the knockback. but you are right, i forgot the arcane barrier, oops lol

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