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Christmas Giveaway [ FINISHED ]

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On the spirit of the last 2 years, we're getting another huge Christmas giveaway this year going through December 1st-30th

To enter the giveaway, just post a message on the forums in the holiday spirit.  You can post "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Holidays!" or you can post a longer, more heartfelt message.  It's up to you :)  Just post as soon as possible, and if you're lucky you'll win a prize!

  ・ Each day there will be one winner picked at random.  On the 3 days before and after Christmas there will be two winners, and on
Christmas Day, there will be THREE WINNERS.
  ・ You can enter at any time, but prizes are picked every day, so enter ASAP!
  ・ Each player can only enter once.
  ・ Each player can only win once.


  ・ Prizes will be announced along with the winners each day, so check back to see if you won!
  ・ The prizes are a secret, but rumor has it Santa has something special again this year for some lucky winners

List of winners
  ・ Winners and prizes will be announced in THE POST BELLOW and added to the TRACE SHEET each day.
  ・ Trace sheet for winners: Dungeon Defenders - Christmas 2018 Giveaway Winner Sheet
  ・ Please add me on Steam to claim your prizes

Good luck, everyone :)  Make sure you tell everyone about the giveaway!!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Dec 1:

  • TheToastyToast wins a Rainmaker

Dec 2:

  • Russman wins a Something Blue

Dec 3:

  • Denkan wins an Aladdin's wish

Dec 4:

  • Mr.RandomGuy wins a Gaia's Last Gift (declined)

Dec 5:

  • Firefighter69 wins a Gaia's Last Gift (reroll of day 4) (declined)
  • Toomuchsugar wins Arm Guards of Lghtning

Dec 6:

  • Purin wins a Gaia's Last Gift (reroll of day 4) (declined) (not rolling it again)
  • Washboard wins a Devil's Poolskimmer

Dec 7:

  • Bored wins a spearmint

Dec 8:

  • JDN wins a Crimsom + Sapphire

Dec 9:

  • cub3mad wins a golden Roost

Dec 10:

  • Aciano wins a rockshatter

Dec 11:

  • adocappa001 wins Arm Guard of love

Dec 12:

  • Stonethor2 wins arm guards of lightning
  • r4zoth wins a ginger and a cinnamon

Dec 13:

  • MkL wins a glacier's demise

Dec 14:

  • LittleBaconBits wins a magicite

Dec 15:

  • Nasako wins arm guards of fire

Dec 16:

  • Chronozia wins a boneyard blade

Dec 17:

  • Elijah wins a Rainmaker

Dec 18:

  • Sam116 wins a Vamp's Delight

Dec 19:

  • Ubermench42 wins a vamps delight
  • Hewman wins a vortex set

Dec 20:

  • Taconinja152 wins an Ocean
  • Tragnesor wins a vamps delight

Dec 21:

  • Theshadowblaze wins arm guards of earth

Dec 22:

  • Arkorias wins an azure peak
  • igaliga1 wins a black satin
  • ippon wins an ocean

Dec 23:

  • IdRatherNot wins a War Bonnet
  • Quinn wins a NPC
  • Jyu did not win

Dec 24:

  • Wiz wins a mask of the pumpking king
  • HeyItsNathan wins a maelstrom

Dec 25:

  • Firefighter69 wins a cursed brownie
  • ImagineWagons wins a cursed brownie
  • Ubermench42 wins a cursed brownie

Dec 26:

  • Black Rose wins a rockshatter
  • PaperyBasket wins a ygk

Dec 27:

  • Westcoast59 wins arm guards of poison
  • blegendz420 wins a glacier

Dec 28:

  • =GzR=Opieo wins a celebration
  • Reinify wins a Salem

Dec 29:

  • Darlek_222 wins a cavalry

Dec 30:

  • PIzzasodebo wins armguards of smog
Dec 31:
  • Giradatsu wins a ball blaster

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Happy holidays! Also omg can't believe it has been another year again reee. :D

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Happy Holidays, may your last working days of this year be peaceful, and if your like me, really just acting like your working at work... may the RNG on lab ass be with you ;-)

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Merry Christmas or whatever other end of year holiday you happen to celebrate. In general, happy holidays all!

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