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Happy Thanksgivings TE!

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say thanks for an awesome game. I played for a couple hours with my son and we laughed and had so much fun!  We both got some Ancient Power and for the first time in my life I was thrilled to have Green Beans (Level 10 Mods) on Thanksgiving.  (We thought we were pretty funny.)  

Our favorite things are:

1. Replay on Onslaught - it has helped me learn (and this is hard to admit...) that sometimes I spam Auras.

2. Citadel Pirate Map - it brings back so many fun memories - the details in the map are just awesome too!

3. The Adept - Seriously, the most fun fighter.  You guys out-did yourselves!

Thanks again.  I love reading the forums, I learn a lot.  While maybe a little cheesy, I hope other people who had fun playing this weekend give some thanks too!

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