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Hunger Beaver

How do I file a ticket? (possessed inventory)

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I swear one of my bags was missing items when I logged in this morning.  I want to file a ticket but don't know how. There doesn't seem to be in-game help.

Long story: My first bag had like the top 4+ rows magically empty when i logged in. I use this bag to hold things I want to save, particularly the top row. So that was wierd. I ignored that and played. Well I used this bag to organize my servos that I'm interested in after the session (had tons of people I was playing with). I log out. I log in again. My items aren't organized the way I thought they were. And ITEMS that I know I would have saved magically appeared! It's like the game fixed itself, but I don't know if I still have everything. It like mixed everything up and I recognize some of the extra gear from this morning (that I think would have been left over from my earlier session, but it doesn't look like everything is there (like the number of gloves, helms, etc. that I saved). WTF is going on? has anyone else had inventory issues?

Another weird thing: When the items were missing this morning, after I played, I opened food boxes, but the food wasn't anywhere. The food was there when I logged in again.

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