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incursion issues (and bosses)

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Disclaimer: I don't know anything about the coding of this game, so if any of this isn't added due to a coding issue, then that would probably explain most of this.

Incursions are really fun, only when you are the right chaos for them. I remember the terraria crossover, and I still love that incursion, but I can't play it due to it being a really low chaos. At the same time, I don't feel chaos 1 players should be able to beat the Bastille master incursion. Why can't these problems be solved by being able to play an incursion on any chaos, as long as you already beat the incursion on its original chaos?

While we are on a similar topic, why don't we just add BetsyEmoji_Wyvern.png and harbinger on all chaos levels on expeditions? Now, I know that harbinger and BetsyEmoji_Wyvern.png being playable on a high chaos caused XP grinding to be to easy, but why can't we just get less XP on these maps? This will make them fun maps to get gear on, but not too overpowered.

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