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Request to add a log on core destruction

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    Since MV suggested this, and I think it's a really neat idea that would be nice to be implemented, I'm making a thread about it

5 - Would be really really really nice to have some kind of report of crystal destruction so we can know what crystal was destroyed and what did the last damage to it, even better if it show from what spawn that enemy came from; it's an idea that need some improvement, a bit crude still, but i think that would be an amazing implement to the game.

Getting a message saying what destroyed your core would help with improving builds, since you would have a better idea of what happened. This could even help with bugs (such as the tow west core kobold glitch), if that ever happened again on other maps.

Do other people think this is a good idea? I've seen other mentions on this, but it was on discord, so voicing it here should be better. Also, please do suggestions on how to improve the concept as well

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