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Inventory Space

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In my opinion the Inventory is way to small.I got the founders edition gifted and i have 8 bags thanks to the gems i can't imagine playing with just three my eight aren't even enough.

I have 2 for auto collecting equip
one for mods i want to keep
one for Tower Shards
one for general Hero Shards (like Bulwark, critical strike, Speed boost etc.)
one for Hero specific Shards
one for Materials pet food and stuff
one for auto collecting pet food and eggs

Alone all the Mats take a whole bag and since you need 10 shards to guild even if you just want to guild the shards of one Hero that would be 9 gear Items times 3 equipped shards times 10 shards for gilding that would be 180 a bag only has 64 slots so that alone would take up the 3 bags you have. Imagine you want every shard once for testing that would be over 250 shards as far as i know.
The part that you can no must buy bags to play the game is just sad. I know that you guys have to earn money somehow but not like that.Things have to change drastically. Here is what i think of
Grant everyone 8 Bags by default. (those who bought them will get a refund in gems)
Make a separate system for storing shards or at least make them stackable.
Pet boxes should be Stackable too. It would remove a whole bag needed
Materials/Pet Food and such should get bigger stacks. 99 is kind of a joke i had over 5 stacks of shiny motes until i sold 3 stacks because my inventory was just running low. Just make it 999 or 1k or i don't know 256 512 1024

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since the shards update I was waiting for a shard book, and I even quit the game for long time just cause managing inventory is annoying for me. (even tho I bought like 4 bags with gems)

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i really agree with you, shards should be stackable or stored differently and petfood and eggs also spam the inventory, but it feels very much like it is intended so you buy their bags and vault slots

i mean with each big update they introduce more and more inventory filling items and most of them dont even stack. what else should i think about it? pet food is also way too common, you dont need that much at all -.- and theres also a missing bag sort function for materials for auto collect

this thread might also rather be placed in suggestions and not general discussions

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