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Buff sea turtle on threadmill / Fix core hp on ToW

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1. This pet rolls too many negatives for the difficulty of the map that you have to do to get it. Imo the map is harder than embermount, it's too big and the enemies hit as hard as a small map like ember.

It's not worth doing survival to get a pet that can roll up to 725, when it 90% of the time rolls at least 2 stats with a negative

At least remove the negative roll so it's not as bad for the effort you have to place into it.

Keep in mind I have 7.5k stats in my builders, so this rant about difficulty is not due to stats

2. Could there be a fix for the fact that each core on tow survival has a different amount of hp? It feels really bad how 2 of them can die to any mob hit, while the other 2 have double of more hp than the lowest (7.5k on north and east vs 15k on south vs 30k on center)

Edit: I forgot to state, my build works fine for fairies and seahorses, even if I go back to back from one to the other. The map would be fine with the difficulty if the turtle rolled better and the cores had the same hp (20k+)

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In regards to Sea turtles:

1. ToTs are much better.

2. ToTs are easier to farm (and much faster).

3. Sea turtles spawn with 3-6 negatives; for an end game pet that shouldn't be the case.

Perhaps we could both get better roll consistency. 

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