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Crossplay pc to ps4

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Good day people who defend the lanes,

I read a topic dated 2015 - 2016 about crossplatform where there wasnt any really good answer to a few questions.

So i am trying to clarify some things for myself.

1. Is dungeon defenders 2 able to crossplatform between pc and ps4

2. If there is no crossplatform then why is that the case? Cant they make like 90 % of thier playerbase happy with playing with friends of on thier ps4. Like fortnite you log into ur epic account and you get the same account on ps4 as on pc.

I got a feeling that alot of people would be happy if dungeon defenders did this. not only to play casual on thier ps4 but also to play with thier friends who only play console.

I wondered why they dont allow crosplatform ? Has it something to do with sony and steam that dont work together or ?

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The reason they dont have cross play is because it's not as simple as the players want it so let's add it, it takes a lot of work and trendy is a small team, they have stated that it is to bug of a hurtle for the size of there team, also Sony doesn't like to play nice when it comes to cross play which adds another layer of difficulty

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